The ways of thinking and behaving that we’ve picked up from our past can significantly impact our future. Here are a few examples:

  1. Mindset: Sometimes, old beliefs can hold us back. If we’ve always thought we can’t be good at something or achieve a particular goal, it can be hard to shake off that idea, and it might stop us from trying in the future.
  2. Choices: How we’ve learned to make decisions can stay with us. Although there might be a better way to decide, we might stick with what we know.
  3. Risk Taking: If we’ve always been told that taking risks is terrible, we might avoid taking chances in the future. This could mean we miss out on some great opportunities.
  4. Values: Our values guide us in life, and our past often shapes these. Whether it’s our culture, religion, or personal experiences, these can all influence what’s important to us.
  5. Change: If we’ve always seen change as scary, it might be harder to adapt to new situations, making it easier for us to keep up with recent trends or technology.
  6. Relationships: Our past can even affect our relationships. For example, if we were always told not to show our emotions, forming deep and meaningful connections with others might be challenging.

Just because our past can shape us, it doesn’t define us. We can always learn and change our beliefs and behaviors. By understanding our history, we can question it and determine how we want to live our future. Remember that while hypnosis can be a powerful tool, its effectiveness largely depends on the individual’s openness and willingness to change. It’s also essential to seek a qualified Hypnosis Practitioner to ensure the process is safe and beneficial.